Post-It Doodle #2


Lost in the love-yourself-resolution

What if self love becomes an excuse? What if I tell myself that it's okay to be tired, okay to be too afraid of failure today, okay to feel it's impossible to begin? What if I do that every day, until my hope and imagination has grown empty, until I forget how to push ever forward? I want to be generous with myself but I also want to stop making excuses this year. Here are some thoughts on New Years’ resolutions...

The 7-day-limbo between Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Writing means decision making, so I don't write much because I'm in the space without gravity or time that is the limbo between Christmas and the New Year. I should enjoy this time with family, I think, and somehow my childhood bed is so goddamn comfortable for sleeping in. I sit with my laptop, but without determination. It's all in my head, I think, I can't know what I want. I worry that my decision won't be mine at all - and all the other worries in the limbo-cocoon-paradise that is cake-eating wine-drinking post-Christmas life.

Peer pressure at work, or: Please take those holidays

Working in teams at the workplace is different from school group projects in much the same way that the prisoners' dilemma is different if you play it as a repeated game. If you work together once, chances are you might take the risk of not being a reliable partner towards other group members. But if you work in the same team for several projects, cooperation is likely to be the better strategy. But then there's the issue of working for the team, being committed to the company, this being your dream job and all. I've always thought myself to be a fairly responsible person, but either my colleagues are more responsible people or they really love work. Here is how I dealt with feeling peer-pressured to work more - or to pretend to work more - in the beginning of my career.

Do Women need to give in to the patriarchy to gain power?

In a recent discussion, I advocated change from within the system rather than through resistance from it. Now I read the powerful New York Times article by Salma Hayek on her work with Harvey Weinstein, who has now been accused of sexual assault by over 50 women. And it made me think how women can become successful within a patriarchy. This is the lesson I learned from Selma Hayek...